Electronic Speed Controller

Constar electronic speed controller has exquisitely designed software and hardware, and uses high-quality original materials and parts. It is a smart product that is easy to operate. It has high efficiency, low temperature rising, and low interference. It has been specially optimized according to our motors, to ensure greater compatibility. It’s widely applied in UAVs, blowers, pumps and so on.

Series Constant Current


Peak Current(10s)




PCB Size


Speed Control Signal Sensorless or Senored Download
S1-112503 3 5 11-25 51*76 AD/PWM Sensorless
S2-112503H 3 5 11-25 51*76 AD/PWM Senored
S1-6L0412002 0.2 0.5 3.5-12 11*20 NO Sensorless
S1-041003 1 3 3.5-10 10*37 PWM Sensorless