Product News

  • 38mm 12v Brushless Dc Motor

    Dimension:38*62mm,  Voltage:12V,  No-load Speed:4000RPM,  No-Load Current:0.5A



  • 12v Slotless Brushless DC Flat Motor

    Dimension: φ32*11mm

    Specifications:  Please click here

    Applications:  Vision devices 、Robot

    Description: New design    Flat brusheless motor                                                                                                                                Flat 12v brushless dc motor

  • 2038ZDF Sonic Electic Toothbrush Motor

    Dimension: φ20*38mm

    Specifications:  Please click here

    Applications:  Electic toothbrush

    Constar Sonic Motor, featuring novel design and ingenious structure, was granted a national patent. It is characterized by low noise, high frequency, high torque, long lifetime, and mainly used in electrictoothbrush.                                                              Electic toothbrush motor                                                    
  • 2015ZWW DC Brushless Gimbal Motor

    Dimension: φ20*15mm

    Specifications:  Please click here

    Applications:  Gimbals

    Description: The product uses outer rotor brushless structure. With precision size, outstanding performance, stable operation, sensitive response, long service life, high reliability and other advantages, it is suitable for all kinds of UAV gimbals.              Brushless gimbal motor        

  • 3068RCG Precision DC 24V Coreless Motor

    Dimension: φ30*68mm

    Specifications: Please click here

    Applications: Precision driving field in industrial automation, Medical equipment and so on.

    Description: The product uses a 9 phase commutator, coreless winding, carbon brush and high performance NdFeB magnets. It has stable performance, low inertia, high efficiency and low electromagnetic interference. Its theoretical lifetime is up to 5,000 hours.                                                                                                                                                                                     24v dc motor