Technical Support

                                                          Safety precautions when using micro motor

1.If adhesive is used while installing the motor, take special care to ensure that the adhesive does not flow inside the motor.

2.If ultrasound is used while installing the motor or when assembling its components, take care that it doesn’t harm or damage the motor’s internal components. 

3.Please run the motor in the direction of its rotation as per product specification, as reverse use may affect the motor’s lifetime. 

4.The motor bearing’s load limit should be considered when using eccentric weight, belt rotation and other factors that lead to relatively high radial load. 

5.While installing accessories (e.g., gear, blades, etc.) on the motor’s output shaft, too much pressure can damage the motor’s internal components. Please consult our sales team to learn about a specific model’s holding capacity or pressure range.

6.The power control module’s internal impedance should be as small as possible to prevent a dramatic output voltage drop during usage, which may adversely affect motor performance. 

7.Do not take too much time to inspect or test a stalled motor, as the input power is converted into heat energy when the motor is stalled. This may lead to an internal temperature rise, damaging the motor’s structure or may burn the motor. 

8.Fix the motor before testing it, to prevent it from dangling while rotating, as it may cause fatigue fracture of the motor’s leads.

9.Ambient temperature and humidity will affect motor performance and lifetime when it is being used. Therefore special care should be taken while using it in high temperature or humidity environments. 

10.Pay attention to the welding temperature and welding time. During welding, it is recommended that the temperature be maintained no more than 330℃, and welding time be no more than 3 seconds. Too long  duration or too high temperature may damage the internal structure of the end cover or the insulating rubber of lead wires. Be careful not to bend motor terminals, while welding. Excessive force should not be applied to the plastic parts as it could lead to thermal deformation. Avoid using water-soluble flux when welding to prevent the welding joints from corroding. 

11.Avoid storing in high temperature, moisture and corrosive gas environment.

12.During transportation or usage, avoid proximity to strong magnetic fields as it may distort the motor’s magnets and affect performance. 

13.Do not pull the lead wire when taking the motor unit out of its packaging, and don’t repeatedly bend the lead wires to a wide angle, as it may damage it. 

If you have any other queries or doubts, please contact our sales team. Thank you!